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School Life

At Progress Schools, we are dedicated to supplying the appropriate support for our students, to help them successfully reintegrate into mainstream education, or positively progress post-16. We take the time to understand the needs of each of our students and tailor our delivery to their interests, aspirations, and progression goals.

Our 13 schools, located nationally, offer different support depending on the requirements of the students. Each follow a timetable complementing our carefully curated curriculum, incorporating individualised approaches. Our amazing staff supply a range of innovative teaching methods to cater for the needs of our students. In addition to the formal studies, students have access to breakfast clubs and one to one time with staff.

Our Approach

Curated Curriculum

Individualised Support

Innovative Teaching Methods

Our Facilities

Each school is equipped with various facilities to inspire our students during their lessons and accommodate their needs. From exceptional fitness facilities such as access to a climbing wall, or martial arts room, to high-specification kitchens that enable us to educate our students on nutrition, we pride ourselves on our individualised approach. All our schools have recreational areas, allowing students time and space to decompress throughout the day, helping to create a more holistic and supportive atmosphere. And in the case of Progress Schools Lilford for example, we also offer additional support facilities such as Cubbie, who offer a specialised area to support our neurodivergent students and staff.

Through our external partner network, Progress Schools also offers students the opportunity to gain additional support and experiences where appropriate.

To learn more about our schools please click here or to make a referral, please contact us here.

Our Students

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Our students at PS Stockport nailed it! Working alongside Mark Taylor from @TechnicalSiteDistribution, our students built this incredible shelter for use for outside of lessons. Mark commented, "The pupils really showed enthusiasm, teamwork and some quite impressive skills. I think nearly all of the pupils engaged at some point or other." What an incredible achievement!
#ProgressSchools #AlternativeProvision

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Our students observed #RemembranceDay this year by taking the time to create poems and decorate poppies, honouring those loved and lost. One of our teachers at PS Lilford performed The Last Post before all joining in a minute's silence. #lestweforget ...

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