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Since starting Progress Schools in January, Sofia has excelled in leaps and bounds. After receiving three suspensions in her previous school, causing her to miss 11.5 days of education, along with unauthorised holidays and avoidance of lessons, Sofia’s attendance hit an all-time low of 21.58%.

This issue with attendance was paired with difficulties with the staff members. Sofia would do whatever it took to avoid lessons. A lot of the time, staff were unable to locate Sofia as she would arrive late and not report to lessons, often hiding in the toilets with others.

Sofia’s poor behaviour reached its peak when she refused to leave the school premises for over two hours after being suspended. She began increasing her actions to avoid lessons by threatening to set the fire alarms off and threatening some members of staff. Her unhappiness was clear, resulting in Sofia moving away from mainstream schooling.

Sofia then joined Progress Schools, and everything began to change. Her attitude towards staff improved substantially, with her often going to the Head of School for support with any concerns or issues she may be facing. This demonstrates how important trust between students and teachers really is, and how the appropriate amount of support can have amazing outcomes on an individual child’s wellbeing and motivation to education.

Whilst studying, Sofia has developed her passion for English. Staff members have remarked how superb her work is and put it down to her own desire to ask for additional tutoring and work in enrichment times. is now attending school and classes more regularly and is proactively participating in her learning.

Since attending Progress Schools, she has had no reports of behavioural issues and has been praised by the staff for “demonstrating exemplary conduct in school.” Whereas before she would avoid lessons, Sofia now engages in them, even if others are hesitant. Staff also praise Sofia as she avoids drama and removes herself from any situation that may cross her path.

The change in schools has led to a significant change within Sofia. Her mum has nothing but positive feedback and comments about the positive impact that Progress Schools has had on Sofia and even her behaviour at home.

The most significant change since Sofia’s move to Progress Schools is the overwhelming increase in her attendance, which is now 81%. The substantial leap from 21.58% is incredible and a testament of the support and nurturing given to her by her teaching and support staff. By offering support catered to Sofia’s individual needs, she is now engaging with her education and is on track to achieve her academic goals. She is so committed to her studies that she is even carrying out research at home in her spare time.

The staff also have high praise for Sofia, commenting how she is an “asset to the school community,” and that her “overall academic achievements and behaviour are commendable.” Moving forward, Sofia wishes to work towards gaining her GCSE’s and maintaining the relationships she has built with her peers and the staff at Progress Schools.

We are so proud of Sofia’s growth since attending Progress Schools and know that as she works towards her goals of preparing for the GCSE exams next year, she will continue to excel.

(For confidentiality, the student’s name has been changed.)

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