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Well Being

At Progress Schools, we are committed to supporting our students’ well-being, providing the appropriate support for each individual through our internal processes and external partnership links.

Our staff offer 1:1 sessions to maintain a connection with our students and are always available to discuss any queries they may have. Our STAR assessment creates a starting point for us to track our students progress on their well-being journey. Smaller class sizes allow us to focus on each student more closely, yielding greater levels of individualised support both in and out of lessons. Our students’ well-being is more deeply supported through the open communication between parents and staff, allowing for a more extensive support to be provided.

We can support our students’ well-being through the inclusion of enrichment in their curriculum, outreach to external partners and the availability of recreational areas in each of our schools, allowing for a space where our students can decompress when needed.

Our students’ well-being is a priority at Progress Schools. However, don’t just take our word for it, hear from our students themselves!


Our students can try new experiences through the implementation of enrichment into our curriculum. During this time, students can gain new skills in areas such as music, sports, or cookery. The schools also offer days out, getting students involved in the wider world, and creating an environment outside of the classroom in which they can learn. Through our external partnerships, we can further support our students’ individual needs, by introducing companies such as Pets as Therapy UK and Cubbie.

Explore some of the enrichment activities on offer to our students