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From case studies that demonstrate the journeys our young people go on, to our latest news, stay up-to-date with our latest news from Progress Schools.

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“We are a close supportive team and always there for our students.”. The supportive team atmosphere and the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on students' lives make Progress Schools in Carlisle an ideal workplace.
Alternative Provision has many common misconceptions surrounding it. It is easy to get confused as to what it is and what it involves. We have created this series of Frequently Asked Questions to help you reach a better understanding of Alternative Provision.
The UK government has recognised the urgency of addressing the mental health crisis among children and young people and has taken several steps to improve the situation.
Young learner using the whiteboard.
Patrick faced immense challenges after the loss of his mum. Joining Progress Schools gave him access to the support he needed to overcome adversity and create a brighter future for himself.
Phoebe finally feels seen since joining Progress Schools
Phoebe joined Progress Schools filled with apprehension around others and education. However, over five months, she began to dismiss her fears and continues to grow in confidence every day.
Progress School transforms student's life through unwavering support
In the short time Jack has attended Progress Schools, his whole outlook on life has changed thanks to the encouragement and time the staff have given.
For National Stress Awareness Day, we wanted to discuss ways to reduce stress in school and provide different methods of dealing with stress and to make our students aware of what is available to them.
Since starting Progress Schools in January, Sofia has excelled, with her attendance increasing by over 200% compared to mainstream schooling and her engaging more with her studies.
Progress Schools calls on Government officials to reframe, rethink and reset Alternative Provision
Progress Schools, has recently concluded a 6-month campaign by joining numerous Government officials in the Houses of Parliament to discuss the challenges and perceptions of Alternative Provision (AP).