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As a nationally-based, alternative education provider with 13 independently registered secondary schools located throughout England, we know our stuff when it comes to Alternative Education (AP). We are proud to work with young people aged between 11-16 to help them to achieve their potential, with the specific aim of helping them to progress into a positive destination post-16 and ultimately become economically and socially active.

There is no one size fits all approach at Progress Schools. We take the time to get to know our young people, understand their challenges and support their aspirations.

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“I am so happy I came to Progress Schools. It’s really different to school, you get more time to spend with teachers and it’s good to be in smaller groups because you get to know everyone in the school, not just your class.”

Latest News

  • Progress School transforms student's life through unwavering support

    Progress Schools transforms student’s life through unwavering support

    In the short time Jack has attended Progress Schools, his whole outlook on life has changed thanks to the encouragement and time the staff have given.

  • Six tips to stay stress free in school

    For National Stress Awareness Day, we wanted to discuss ways to reduce stress in school and provide different methods of dealing with stress and to make our students aware of what is available to them.

  • Sofia excels thanks to support from Progress Schools

    Since starting Progress Schools in January, Sofia has excelled, with her attendance increasing by over 200% compared to mainstream schooling and her engaging more with her studies.

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