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After struggling to remain in mainstream education due to difficult circumstances, Joe found himself requiring the support of an alternative education provider, he was referred to his local Progress School where he would receive a more tailored and bespoke support to his education and well-being.

Upon joining Progress Schools, Joe suffered from personal issues that had previously hindered his progression and development. To best assess a plan of action the team at Progress Schools conducted a STAR assessment to mark starting points for his journey across eight different areas including relationships and health and wellbeing. To help further identify triggers for behaviours Joe was tasked with using a ‘Time Out’ card which enabled him to identify the situations which caused him to behave badly and discuss this with his teachers and Head of School. Progress Schools offered a calming and supportive environment for Joe to discuss the issues and create solutions. As a result of the interventions and sensitive pastoral care provided by Progress Schools Joe has been able to build strong relationships with his teachers and peers, something he was unable to do in mainstream education.

The interventions made by Progress Schools have not only supported the personal development of Joe but have helped them gain confidence in a classroom. Joe’s ability to share his work and ideas with peers and teachers has soared, and resulted in achievements academically, particularly in Maths.

Since joining Progress Schools Joe’s attendance has improved, he has become more engaged in learning and told his teachers he ‘’loves coming to school and feels protective of staff.’’ Whilst Joe could be recommended to return to mainstream education in the future, he advised staff that he would love to stay at Progress Schools.

Having recently faced an injury that prevented him from writing, Joe was presented with a decision to either let the injury hinder his already tremendous development, or remain positive and committed to his progression, he chose the latter. Joe worked that extra bit harder to ensure he met his goals and worked towards his achievements, displaying hard work and dedication to his learning.

The developments Joe has made across multiple areas is a testament to the hard work of Joe and the teachers at Progress Schools, it displays what can be achieved when the necessary support systems are in place. Regardless of his previous circumstances Joe has been able to turn it around and steer his future in a positive way.

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