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At Progress Schools, we provide support for students with a number of individual needs. We understand that all students learn differently, and we aim to provide the appropriate support and guidance that allows each young person to excel.

When Patrick joined us, he had already faced immense challenges at such a young age, following the loss of his mum. This heartbreaking event had a cascading effect on his education, leading to disengagement from mainstream schooling and eventual permanent exclusion. The profound grief he experienced resulted in behavioural changes, affecting his academic journey. Patrick could no longer sit through an entire lesson. Being overcome with difficult emotions, Patrick would distance himself from others and had troubled relationships with other students and staff.

Patrick’s narrative took a positive turn after joining Progress Schools, where a tailored approach to education and well-being proved instrumental. Patrick was able to participate in intervention work which was pivotal for the improvement of his behaviour. It allowed him to become a better student, giving him the opportunity to process his emotions and work towards better methods of coping.

Staff are impressed by how Patrick’s behaviour has significantly improved. From being unable to sit through a lesson, Progress Schools has provided an environment where he can actively participate in them. He has showcased improved attendance and positive interactions with other students and staff. The smaller class sizes at Progress Schools have proven instrumental, providing Patrick with the appropriate support tailored to his needs.

Through 1:1 support, Patrick has built trusting relationships with some staff members. This support system has enabled him to openly discuss his homelife, providing a safe space to navigate the changes since his mum’s passing. Patrick’s self-esteem has also experienced a remarkable boost, highlighting the positive impact of a supportive educational environment.

Progress Schools became a place where Patrick has found joy in learning, particularly in writing. His newfound enjoyment in writing serves as a valuable tool as he says, “it helps to understand the lessons better.”

Patrick is now looking ahead with renewed optimism and numerous options for the future. He aspires to complete his GCSEs, marking a commitment to his educational journey. With hopes to attend college or pursue an apprenticeship upon completion. Patrick’s ambitions include becoming a Police Officer, or a role in Garden Maintenance inspired by his older brother. His biggest aspiration, however, is to explore craftsmanship, particularly in woodwork and construction.

Patrick’s journey at Progress Schools exemplifies the transformative power of appropriate, individualised support and a nurturing educational environment. This has allowed him to triumph over adversity and set his sights on a bright future. We are proud of all Patrick has achieved so far and believe he will achieve all his goals for the future. As he continues to grow and thrive, the progress he has made is a testament to his resilience and determination, and we look forward to witnessing his continued success and fulfilment in the years ahead.

(For confidentiality, the student’s name has been changed)

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