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Dedicated to Learner Safety

At Progress Schools we recognise the responsibility we have in identifying and responding to concerns regarding the safeguarding and protection of children and young people.

Each school is committed to providing a safe environment for each student and staff member. Progress Schools takes its safeguarding responsibility extremely seriously and works in partnership with organisations, such as the Local Authorities, to ensure that students are safe and supported.

As part of our commitment to safeguarding, students participate in lessons designed to provide them with the skills and knowledge to keep themselves safe, including when online. Each of our staff members are highly trained in safeguarding and child protection procedures. Our National Head of Safeguarding and Inclusion oversees our safeguarding activity and supports each of our school sites with any safeguarding issues, you can contact him here.

To report a safeguarding issue, please contact our team by emailing

Safeguarding Policies

View the toggle below to view and download our safeguarding policies. If you have a safeguarding concern, please do not hesitate to contact the named member of staff in the school. 

Each of our policies is reviewed and updated each academic year to ensure that we are maintaining the highest standards across each of our schools. Each policy is available to download and view.

General Safeguarding Concerns: 

If your allegation/ concern is in relation to a Head Teacher or the proprietor, please contact the Chair of Governors Board: 

Latest News

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    Since starting Progress Schools in January, Sofia has excelled, with her attendance increasing by over 200% compared to mainstream schooling and her engaging more with her studies.

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    Progress Schools calls on Government officials to reframe, rethink and reset Alternative Provision

    Progress Schools, has recently concluded a 6-month campaign by joining numerous Government officials in the Houses of Parliament to discuss the challenges and perceptions of Alternative Provision (AP).

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    Progress People: Grace Dunphy

    “I wanted to support young people and I felt like you can make more of an impact in teaching. You can see the progress they make more rapidly along their journey. “

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    Progress Schools welcome new Director of Business, Nancy Wright

    Leading alternative education provider Progress Schools have welcomed a new Director of Business, Nancy Wright.

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    Ofsted Success at Progress Schools Wirral, The Hive

    Leading alternative education provider Progress Schools has confirmed the appointment of Charlotte Barton as Managing Director after a five-month interim position.