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The curriculum at Progress Schools provides a solid core of essential, ambitious, and fundamental knowledge in key academic areas.

Progress Schools Curriculum

The curriculum at Progress Schools provides a solid core of essential, ambitious, and fundamental knowledge in key academic areas. It is supported by a broad and balanced offering of creative skills, life lessons and wider opportunities to help our pupils become more confident, resilient, and independent. We place the individual student at the heart of what we do and believe in providing the most appropriate provision that best suits their individual needs.

Our curriculum builds in three “steps” that cover the five years of secondary school learning. This means that even if a student stayed with us from Year 7 to Year 11, the curriculum would progress suitably for them.

Build, Grow and Launch: Our Balanced Approach



The “Build” step is all about building the essential skills and knowledge students need to progress through the curriculum and fill in any gaps in their learning so far. The basic skills for English, Maths and Science are included in this curriculum as well as the statutory PSHE/RSE primary content our children may have missed before reaching us.



The “Grow” step is about helping students discover their talents and become more confident academically and creatively. Learning is more challenging here, but the “Build” will act as a springboard for students so they can access this next level of learning.



The “Launch” step of the curriculum is our Key Stage 4 level of learning. This course prepares students for life beyond school by offering GCSEs, vocational courses, and an expansive and thorough PSHE offering to prepare them for life after Progress.

Curriculum Subjects

Click on a curriculum subject below to read more about each subjects build, grow, and launch stages.






Expressive & Creative Arts

My Body

My Future

My Relationships

My Saftey

My Wellbeing

My World


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Students whipped up a feast for their 'My Body' lesson! Focusing on balanced meals, our students created some delicious dishes and held their very own 'Come Dine With Me', all with a budget of £3.50! Who could decide a winner when it all looks so good!🍽️

#ComeDineWithMe #StudentChallenge #ProgressSchools #delicious #health #BalancedMeal

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It's snow time!❄️🌨️☃️
#ProgressSchools Lilford made the most of the recent snow, with students getting outside and having some fun!

#SnowDay #AlternativeProvision

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And the winner is...
Congratulations to Charleigh, our winning Christmas card designer! 🎄🎁☃️
Wishing a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to all the staff and students at #ProgressSchools! See you all in 2024!

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Elf, Lilford, has been naughty and nice this Christmas! After swinging around the classrooms and causing mischief, Lilford redeemed themself by using building blocks to help build and promote #ProgressSchools core values.
#christmaself #elfonashelf #AlternativeProvision

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To wrap up our Christmas card entries we have the tree-mendous design from #ProgressSchools Wolverhampton! 🎁 ⠀

#AlternativeProvison #Christmascards⠀

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